Used - 2015 NISSAN PATHFINDER - L Headlamp

Stock Used - 2015 NISSAN PATHFINDER - L Headlamp
Kind: L.
Stock #: TB424
Mileage: 37,716
Grade: B - Used
Description: Top Mounting Tab Cracked
Price: $165.00 plus shipping
Vehicle Images
Headlight Assembly

    Body part which provides low and high beam light in the front of the vehicle.

    Left = Driver's Side
    Right = Passenger's Side

 What's Included unless otherwise noted

    Mounting Panel
    Mounting Adjusters

 What's not included
    Mounting Panel which mounts both headlamps
    Detachable Lamps such as a parking lamp

 Glued Mounting Tab

    If noted in the item's description, one of the mounting points on the housing was cracked and repaired with a special glue.  The glue is not on the face of the headlamp and is not visible when the hood is closed. 

 Possible Fade Conditions

    Minor: Buff to restore to Nice Condition
    Moderate: Considerable Fade and Pitting requires heavy buffing
    Heavy:  Below Average, Heavy Corrosion, Pitting, and/or Stone Nicks