Used - 2015 JEEP RENEGADE - Compressor

Generic Used - 2015 JEEP RENEGADE - Compressor
Part Shown Not Actual Part
Kind: 2.4L
Stock #: TB479
Mileage: 27,661
Grade: A - Used
Price: $135.00 plus shipping
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A/C Compressor

The mechanical part which is commonly belt driven that pumps refrigerant gas in a vehicle's air conditioning system.  The mileage of the vehicle may be noted in the description.
 What's Included:

    Clutch and Pulley

 What's Not Included:

    Bracket & Lines

 Installation Requirements

Follow manufacturer's installation guidelines
    A/C system must be thoroughly flushed
    Prior to installation replace a/c condenser if debris is in the system
    Install with a new a/c dryer