Used - 2012 BMW BMW X3 - Engine Cooling Motor

Generic Used - 2012 BMW BMW X3 - Engine Cooling Motor
Part Shown Not Actual Part
Kind: Fan Assembly; (radiator), 600 watt
Stock #: TA388
Mileage: 56,135
Grade: A - Used
Price: $225.00 plus shipping
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Engine Cooling Motor
    The electrical or hydraulic part which helps cool the engine compartment. These fans are generally mounted onto the radiator and/or condenser. 

Left = Driver's Side
Right = Passenger's Side

What's Included unless otherwise noted
    Fan Blade

Related Parts
    Clutch type fans are not found in this category, see Fan Clutch instead.

Shipping Cost Warning

Dual fan assemblies may incur additional shipping charges due to their size and nature.