Used - 2016 HYUNDAI VELOSTER - Engine Brain Box

Generic Used - 2016 HYUNDAI VELOSTER - Engine Brain Box
Part Shown Not Actual Part
Kind: Electronic Control Module; turbo, AT, (ID 391352BFK0)
Stock #: UB237
Mileage: 25,345
Grade: A - Used
Description: 39135-2BFK0
Price: $125.00 plus shipping
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Engine Control Unit (ECU)

    Part which controls various aspects of an engine's operation. The simplest ECUs control only the quantity of fuel injected into each cylinder each engine cycle. More advanced ECUs also control the ignition timing, variable valve timing (VVT), the level of boost maintained by the turbocharger, and other operations.

 Order Requirement

    When ordering please include the original part number found on the module needing replaced in the comments section.

 Installation Requirement

    It is the buyers responsibility to ensure that the installer has the necessary equipment and resources for installation, as most computers today must be reprogrammed to work properly.

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