Used - 2018 FORD ESCAPE - Anti-Lock Brake Part

Generic Used - 2018 FORD ESCAPE - Anti-Lock Brake Part
Part Shown Not Actual Part
Kind: (assembly),
Stock #: UB395
Mileage: 16,105
Grade: A - Used
Price: $100.00 plus shipping
Vehicle Images
Anti-Lock Brake Assembly

    Combination of a hydraulic pump and control module which operates the anti lock brake system.  Referring to the image, the black section with the plug is the control module and the remainder is the hydraulic pump and distribution block.
 Part Number Syntax

    Often the part number will be noted in the item description.  The number preceded by a C: refers to the controller and the number preceded by a P: refers to the pump. 

 Other Part Associations

    Also see chassis control computer to search for a wider variety of control modules which may or may not mount directly onto the pump.  

 What's Included

    Distribution Block

 ABS components not included

    Brake Lines
    ABS Sensor or Wire
    Proportioning Valve