Used - 2018 FORD ESCAPE - Carrier Assembly

Stock Used - 2018 FORD ESCAPE - Carrier Assembly
Kind: (rear), (ID S-164-A)
Stock #: UB395
Mileage: 16,105
Grade: A - Used
Description: 16K
Price: $285.00 plus shipping
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Carrier or Differential

    The front or rear mechanical part which delivers the torque received from a drive shaft to the two output shafts which drive the corresponding wheels. 

 What's included

    Differential Housing
    Internal Parts
    Input Flange

 What's Not Included

    Axle Shafts
    Drive Shaft

 Gear Types

    Limited Slip

    Verify ratio and differential type before ordering.  Also ensure that all four tires on the vehicle are the exact size. Today's all wheel drive vehicles can be very sensitive to slight differences in tire size, and in some instances different tread depths on same size tires can cause transfer case and differential problems.