Used - 2020 TESLA TESLA MODEL 3 - Front End Assy

Generic Used - 2020 TESLA TESLA MODEL 3 - Front End Assy
Part Shown Not Actual Part
Stock #: XA080
Mileage: 3,080
Grade: A - Used
Description: Obsidian Black Metallic Nice : -Cvr
Price: $4,900.00 plus shipping
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Front End Assembly

    A repair kit to help fix a vehicle hit hard in the front which is cut behind the A-Pillars.  See item description for details.  Contact a sales representative for items noted "See Assembly List."

  Shipping address must be a business with a dock or fork lift.

 What's Included unless otherwise noted in the description

    Front Inner Structure
    Radiator Support
    Electric Radiator Fan
    Electric Condenser Fan
    A/C Lines which mount to the Condenser
    Air Cleaner Box unless mounted to Engine
    Windsheild Washer Resevoir
    Hood w/Hinges, Latches, & Shocks
    Fenders w/Liners
    Front Bumper Reinforcement
    Head Lights
    Fog Lights
    Park Lights
    Wiring which connects to the front lamps.

 Depending on options the following might be included

    Fog Lamps
    Xenon Lamp Controllers
    Power Steering Resevoir
    Marker Lamps
    Battery Tray
    Headlamp Wipers & Washers

 3/4 Front

    A L 3/4 front end assembly is less the right fender, right fender liner, right marker light, and may have issues with the right apron where either part or all of the apron is not useable. A L 3/4 front is not to be confused with a front end needing a right fender. The key difference is that the latter does not have any inner structure issues. A R 3/4 is the same but with damage on the opposite side.


    Most front end assemblies do not have a front bumper cover that is insurance quality.  No refunds will be issued for bumper cover issues.  The lower spoiler and/or lower valance is not guaranteed. Normally front end assemblies come with several bolts, screws, clips, and brackets which make a difficult repair job a little easier.

 What is NOT Included or Guaranteed

    Suspension Cross Member
    A/C Dryer
    Steering Parts
    Air Bags
    Fan Clutch
    ABS Pump
    Air Pump
    Air Ride Compressor
    Parts mounted in Cowl