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Bumper Cover - Front

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Item Number: 1000728444
Mileage: 95,424 on Odometer
Grade: B - Used
Kind: BMW X5 11-13 w/o M-aerodynamic package; upper
Stock #: UA028
Description: Upper & Lower with Park Assist : Check Condition


Item Number: 1000905472
Mileage: 61993
Grade: B - Used
Kind: BMW X5 14-18 (park assist), w/o M-aerodynamic package; w/o night vision; w/headlamp washers, w/o surround view; w/o automatic park
Stock #: WA062
Description: Dark Graphite : Average Wear


Item Number: 1000906303
Mileage: 312223
Grade: B - Used
Kind: SANTA FE 19 US built, upper (body color)
Stock #: YA399
Description: Upper Middle Garnish only ; Dark Chrome : 2in Deep Scratch under Right Signal Lamp (Mitchell # 86374-S2020)


Item Number: 1000906305
Mileage: 312223
Grade: A - Used
Kind: SANTA FE 19 US built, upper (body color)
Stock #: YA399
Description: Right Upper Bumper Garnish only ; Dark Chrome (Mitchell # 86376-S2020)


Item Number: 1000906304
Mileage: 312223
Grade: A - Used
Kind: SANTA FE 19 US built, upper (body color)
Stock #: YA399
Description: Left Upper Bumper Garnish only ; Dark Chrome (Mitchell # 86375-S2020)


Item Number: 1000881589
Mileage: 2375
Grade: C - Used
Kind: VOLVO S60 19-21 w/o sport line; w/o hybrid; w/o automatic park; w/o headlamp washers
Stock #: XA196
Description: Osmium Grey : Good except Bottom Scrapes


Item Number: 1000914761
Mileage: TMU : 36,000 Estimate Based on Drive Time of 36 Months
Grade: B - Used
Kind: AUDI A4 17-18 (Sedan), w/o S line; w/o park assist
Stock #: VA233
Description: Cuvee Silver : Cosmetic Damage


Item Number: 1000915104
Mileage: 55816
Grade: A - Used
Kind: DISCOVERY 17-20 w/o Dynamic Design package; w/surround view camera
Stock #: XA155
Description: Byron Blue : Light Wear


Item Number: 1000905233
Mileage: 41753
Grade: B - Used
Kind: BMW 328i 15 w/o M-aerodynamic package; Base (US market), w/park assist, w/headlamp washers, w/driver assist, w/surround view
Stock #: UA393
Description: Mineral White : Light Wear ; Less Tow Hook Cover


Item Number: 1000916210
Mileage: 27323
Grade: B - Used
Kind: OUTLANDER 19-20 gasoline, w/o park assist
Stock #: XA145
Description: Labrador Black : Check Condition


Item Number: 1000916973
Mileage: 62201
Grade: C - Used
Kind: AUDI A5 18-19 w/o S line; w/o automatic park
Stock #: ZA166
Description: Metallic Mythical Black : Repaint + Scratches


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