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Item Number: 1000808827
Mileage: 25783
Grade: B - Used
Kind: MAZDA CX-9 16-21 (LED), w/o adaptive headlamps; L.
Stock #: VA147
Description: TK49-51040 : 1in Scratch at Middle


Item Number: 1000882594
Mileage: 78188
Grade: A - Used
Kind: (quad halogen), chrome bezel, L.
Stock #: YB146


Item Number: 1000885640
Mileage: 47838
Grade: C - Used
Kind: halogen (opt T4A), LS, L.
Stock #: WB102
Description: Aftermarket


Item Number: 1000886053
Mileage: 25,894 on Odometer
Grade: B - Used
Kind: VIN 5 (1st digit, USA built), halogen, L.
Stock #: TA052
Description: Bumper Tab Broken


Item Number: 1000886895
Mileage: 68427
Grade: A - Used
Kind: S E-Hybrid, xenon (HID) headlamps, (leveling), L.
Stock #: YA195
Description: Nice ; Light Wear


Item Number: 1000883140
Mileage: 16000
Grade: A - Used
Kind: MAVERICK PICKUP 22 (LED), w/reflector (signature accent lighting), L.
Stock #: YB152
Description: Light Wear


Item Number: 1000820754
Mileage: 22176
Grade: B - Used
Kind: (LED), L.
Stock #: WA245
Description: 1 Mounting Tab Broken


Item Number: 1000877615
Mileage: 44464
Grade: A - Used
Kind: Headlamp Assembly; NON-INTERCHANGE ITEM
Stock #: XA430
Description: Light Wear


Item Number: 1000891643
Mileage: 39847
Grade: A - Used
Kind: ELANTRA 19-20 Hatchback (GT), LED headlamps (N line), L.
Stock #: WA408


Item Number: 1000884422
Mileage: 54,538 on Odometer
Grade: A - Used
Kind: FLEX 09-12 halogen, L.
Placement: Left
Stock #: TB038
Description: Bring to Office


Item Number: 1000895453
Mileage: 70954
Grade: A - Used
Kind: OPTIMA 17-18 Korea built (VIN K, 1st digit), Hybrid, halogen, w/LED accent, L.
Stock #: YB313
Description: Good ~ Minor Nick & Light Wear


Item Number: 1000583166
Mileage: 49,865 on Odometer
Grade: A - Used
Kind: PORSCHE BOXSTER 05-08 halogen headlamps, L.
Placement: Left
Stock #: QA481
Description: Light Fade


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