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Front End Assembly


Kind: MERCEDES C-CLASS 20-21 205 Type, (LED headlamps), C300, Convertible, w/o adaptive headlamps; w/sport package, w/o park assist
Description: Selenite Gray
Mileage: 32951
Grade: A - Used
Item #: 1000919748
Source Vehicle Stock #: ZA208
VIN: W1KWJ8EB1LF994567

Front End Assembly

A repair kit to help fix a vehicle hit hard in the front which is cut behind the A-Pillars.  Normally front end assemblies come with several bolts, screws, clips, and brackets which make a difficult repair job a little easier.

Please contact sales for a list of parts included and condition details.

Video of Typical Front End

Front Inner Structure, Radiator Support, Radiator, Condenser, Electric Cooling Fans, A/C Lines which mount to the Condenser, Air Cleaner Box unless mounted to Engine, Windshield Washer Reservoir, Hood w/Hinges & Latches, Fenders w/Liners, Front Bumper, Grille, Headlamps, Fog Lamps, Marker Lamps, Wiring which connects to the front lamps. 
Suspension, Suspension Cross Member, A/C Dryer,   Steering Parts, Dash, Windshield, Antenna, Air Bags, Fan Clutch, Battery, ABS Pump, Air Pump, Air Ride Compressor or Parts mounted in the Cowl.

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